Crypto Dictionary

ALTCOIN: Any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.

Private key: The key used in a public cryptographic interaction, which proves ownership of an address.

Decentralized: Not controlled, owned or managed by a single person or authority

ERC-20: Tokens designed and used on the Ethereum platform.

ERC-223: A new token standard for Ethereum which prevents tokens from being lost in unhandled transactions

BEARISH: Negative price movement

BULL/BULLISH: Positive price movement

Shitcoin: A Coin Does Not Have any Potential or a Garbage

FUD: (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

Halving: The concept of the mining reward of bitcoin halving in value, approximately every 4 years

ICO (Initial Coin Offering): When a New Crypto Company offers coins for a cryptocurrency for sale.

Testnet: A Blockchain Another then Bitcoin, Where Developers Can Test.

OTC :Over The Counter

TA: Technical Analysis

Address: A numbers and letters, where crypto can be sent to/from.