Apple May not attend to the Petition for a Bitcoin Emoji

Bitcoin is the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency and it has been shaping several domains. There are several ways to bring the crypto to the people. In our everyday communication using social networks and chat applications, people use emojis to express themselves.

Emojis are simple and short means of expressing ourselves; with them, we don’t need to write words in full. People are calling for the creation of a Bitcoin emoji for the keyboard on Apple iOS.

The desire to have it on the keyboard of Apple iOS led to a new petition. However, some people believe that Apple seemingly will not make a BTC emoji.

Despite that not everybody sees Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a beneficial form of money; people still need to know about it. Therefore, instead of having to type ‘Bitcoin,’ an emoji could be of remarkable interest.

However, at the moment, some operating systems lack access to emojis related to Bitcoin. Since Apple is a big tech firm, the provision of such a solution would be remarkable. Unfortunately, the firm is yet to show interest in exploring such an option.

The purpose of the petition is to assist in changing that narrative a little. Unfortunately, petitions of such nature rarely achieve their aim but it is worth trying.

There is Bitcoin symbol on keyboards and an emoji should also be created. A hundred people need to sign the petition to be considered successful. At the moment, over 50 people have signed it. 

Besides, it seems amazingly unlikely that the firm will attend to this demand. The firm has not shown keen interest on cryptos, not to talk of endorsement in any manner.


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