Okex Becomes the First Crypto Exchange to Integrate DAI Staking

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Okex now Become the First Major Platform to Integrate the Dai Savings Rate (DSR). The China Based Okex Exchange has announced an exciting new way for its millions of users to take advantage of the DSR.

According to the Post, On December 23, users of the OKEx platform will be able to directly deposit Dai and stake it in the DSR to earn the savings rate plus an additional reward that is exclusive to OKEx.

The Benefits of the (DSR) Dai Savings Rate

The Rate of Interest earning Determined By the Maker Governance (currently 4%) and DSR is available to any Dai holder, anywhere in the world, here are no fees involved and no minimum or maximum deposit.

How It works on the OKEx Platform refers to the OKEx Pool Staking Guide.

With the OKEx integration, adoption of the Dai Savings Rate can accelerate in Asia, introducing millions of more people to Dai.  This, even though it is already present in the continent, with foundation members located in China, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. The post reads:

As more users benefit from the Dai stablecoin and discover the advantages of the DSR, more exchanges, platforms, and projects will integrate both, introducing new groups of users to the Maker Protocol and the DeFi ecosystem. 

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