Turkey Based Largest Crypto Exchange “BtcTurk” Includes Dash

Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency trading exchange BtcTurk Integrates Dash. According, to the Dash Blog Post The platform will render the traders to indulge in transactions with DASH/BTC and DASH/USDT trading pairs along with support to Turkish lira pairs as well as on its revolutionary PRO version. Thus, expanding liquidity options in the country.

The BtcTurk Established in 2013, Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, with all major cryptocurrencies supported. According to the Blockchain Transparency Institute, BtcTurk is a top-25 exchange, with about $3.45 million in 24-hour trading volume.

Dash currently has Turkish lira trading pairs on the Sistemkoin, Vebitcoin, Koineks, Bitci, Ovis, and Koinim exchanges.

Increased adoption of cryptocurrency in Turkey.

The report states that in 2019, Turkey has struggled with currency devaluations of the lira, The rate of inflation reportedly as 20% at the beginning of the year and the latest data showing an annual inflation rate of around 10.5%. While the inflation rate is decreasing, it shows that the Turkish economy doesn’t secure consumers’ and investors’ confidence anymore. The growing accessibility of cryptocurrencies such as Dash enables consumers and merchants to be better able to escape the government-created inflation and currency uncertainty.

Dash consistently manifests an interest in the Turkey cryptocurrency market and the addition by BtcTurk represents progress. The cryptocurrency has made several attempts to take advantage of key conditions for growth in the country. Accordingly, these efforts include creating a Dash Embassy in Turkey. The embassy focused on hosting community outreach events in the region.

Dash’s focus on Turkey is backed up by market research, as the Statista Global Consumer Survey has shown that Turkey has the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate in the world, with 1 in 5 Turks claiming to own cryptocurrency, surpassing This places the country ahead of Latin American countries like Colombia and Brazil.

This, combined with high inflation rates for the lira, Dash seeking to maximize its adoption both in cryptocurrency-heavy markets and countries seeking alternative money due to currency devaluation.

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